Tatami Inverted Collection GI, schwarz/weiss


The inverted collection is Tatami last BJJ Gi line for Winter 2015. The inverted collection features all the usual quality construction you would expect from Tatami with a new bad ass look. The inverted collection uses materials similar to the Estilo 5.0 model, but as the inverted in made in China you will notice a slight difference in the feel of the material.
This we feel is a big plus, as the new 550 gsm pearl weave is much softer. The inverted collection features and contrasting jacket, pants and lapel. Giving this Gi a very unique and bold look. A new stylised Tatami typeface has been used on the shoulders to set the inverted collection apart from the Estilo 5.0 model.
Contrast stitching and high quality embroidery is used throughout the Gi, in addition every Gi comes with its own custom drawstring Gi bag.

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